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Shooting Photos in Strip Clubs

Lena Enriquez shoots in obscurity – the half-light of strip clubs, that is. The Los Angeles-based design beautician turned-picture taker normally inundates herself in the city’s men of honor’s clubs, bearing an exciting look into working life on the stage. Her shots aren’t lustful or shallow, yet straight to the point contemplations of ladies getting by in a work environment where removing your garments is simply part of the activity. Here, Enriquez clarifies the difficulties of taking photos of post artists and offers the best money related counsel she at any point got from a stripper. 

How could you get into photography? 

I progressed from styling to the camera. I’ve generally had an eye for detail and focused on what different picture takers searched for. At the point when I began shooting, I just yielded to what I knew and found my own procedures en route. 

How could you wind up taking shots at strip clubs? 

A companion called one day and stated, “Would you like to take photographs of strippers?” And I said yes. It was my first task and before long turned into my focal core interest. 

What’s the best thing about capturing in strip clubs? 

I get the opportunity to work with ladies! Ladies, all things considered, hues, and sexual directions. Ladies who stand together to make a dollar. Ladies, who show me how hot I am. Ladies who help me develop. I recall the first occasion when I viewed a young lady walk a man to the ATM. Splendid. 

"I get the opportunity to work with ladies!" (Photo credit: <Lena Enriquez)
“I get the opportunity to work with ladies!” (Photo credit: Lena Enriquez)

What’s the hardest thing about shooting in strip clubs? 

I shoot development in low light. Interesting how now and then the hardest things make the best things. 

What have you found out about ladies and …

What is mean by photography? Mention the types of photography

Photography is known as an art and the practice of taking attractive pictures. This can be done either electronically with the help of image sensor or chemically by using the light sensitive materials like photographic film. The term photography is employed in many fields like science, manufacturing and in businesses which uses the direct of art, film and the video production which is being done for the recreational purposes, hobby or in the mass communication. Here a lens is used to focus the light that is reflected or emitted from the objects to the real image which is kept on the light sensitive surface inside the camera. With the help of electronic image sensor, it produces an electric charge at each pixel and it is electronically processed. Here the photographic emulsion will be a latent image and later it is chemically developed into the visible image. 

Types of photography:

There are mainly 5 types of photography available and they are listed below:

  • Amateur photography

  • Commercial photography

  • Art photography

  • Photo journalism

  • Science and forensics

Amateur photography – An amateur photographer is the one who practices the photography as a hobby or the passion and this is not necessarily for the profit. The quality of this amateur work is compared to the many professional photographers and this is highly specialized. This photography is widely spread through the social media and is being carried through the different platforms and equipments which switch to the use of cell phone. Now the good pictures can also be taken with the help of a cell phone which is the main reason of making the photography more accessible to everyone. 

Commercial photography – The commercial photography is the best defined photography where the photographer is paid for the images. In this commercial photography there are three types

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