Photography is known as an art and the practice of taking attractive pictures. This can be done either electronically with the help of image sensor or chemically by using the light sensitive materials like photographic film. The term photography is employed in many fields like science, manufacturing and in businesses which uses the direct of art, film and the video production which is being done for the recreational purposes, hobby or in the mass communication. Here a lens is used to focus the light that is reflected or emitted from the objects to the real image which is kept on the light sensitive surface inside the camera. With the help of electronic image sensor, it produces an electric charge at each pixel and it is electronically processed. Here the photographic emulsion will be a latent image and later it is chemically developed into the visible image. 

Types of photography:

There are mainly 5 types of photography available and they are listed below:

  • Amateur photography

  • Commercial photography

  • Art photography

  • Photo journalism

  • Science and forensics

Amateur photography – An amateur photographer is the one who practices the photography as a hobby or the passion and this is not necessarily for the profit. The quality of this amateur work is compared to the many professional photographers and this is highly specialized. This photography is widely spread through the social media and is being carried through the different platforms and equipments which switch to the use of cell phone. Now the good pictures can also be taken with the help of a cell phone which is the main reason of making the photography more accessible to everyone. 

Commercial photography – The commercial photography is the best defined photography where the photographer is paid for the images. In this commercial photography there are three types which are wholesale, retail and the professional uses. The commercial photographic world includes,

  • Advertising photography

  • Fashion photography

  • Food photography

  • Portrait and wedding photography

  • Wildlife photography

Art photography – The art photography or the documentary photography is the aesthetics of the photography and it continues to be discussed regularly in the artistic circles. The art cannot exist or it cannot be remembered in the future if photography is not available. This art photography helps in remembering of the arts or the ancestral belongings for the future generation. 

Photo journalism – This is a form of photography which includes collecting, editing and presenting of the news material for the publication or the media. This consists of only still images but in some cases it refers to the video also. This photojournalism is differentiated by branches like documentary photography, street photography or the celebrity photography. 

Science and forensics – The camera has a distinguished history of recording the scientific and forensic related images which can be kept as a sample to the future generation people. Here the camera will be attached to the corner of the microscopes for capturing the micro organisms.